dec30_01.jpg This is Walter Andrus, the past director and co-founder of the largest UFO network in the world. The world headquarters for MUFON is now located in Littleton Colorado (at least when I had this meeting with Walter, I see that it is now in Newport Beach, CA as of 2014). The headquarters were in Seguin, Texas for 30 years until Walter retired as director in the year 2000. Walter Andrus and Dr. Alan Utke started MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) on August 15, 1969. Dr. Utke was director for the first year and after that Walter was appointed director until he retired in 2000. John F. Schuessler became the international director of MUFON. But as of 2014 Jan C. Harzan is the Executive Director.
I met Walter Andrus when I gave him a copy of my book Alien Physics for Christmas 2002.. I saw Walter on a TV interview one time say that his life long dream was to be abducted but he said he thought it would never happen. For serveral years I had wanted to go to his house, not one mile from mine, and drive him around the block in my old orange pickup and then inform him that he had been abducted. I wanted to wait until I had my book finished so he would know I was not telling him a falsehood. I told him this story and he couldn't remember ever having talked about his life long dream of abduction, but I had sold my truck before I finished the book anyway. Oh well. However, we struck up a good conversation in his front yard.

Mr. Andrus came by the Silver Eagle Taphouse, a taproom I owned and operated, to talk to me some more that evening where he told me some interesting stuff. He said that he was a Methodist and that those he interviewed that claimed to have been abducted by aliens said that the aliens when asked if they had the same God replied, "Yes." I told Mr. Andrus that life forms superior to the human race are not possible because Christ Jesus performed the most comprehensive cosmic act possible, which will never be repeated, on the earth or anywhere else in the cosmos. This act by necessity proves that we are superior to all forms of life on earth to the extremes of deep space. This is discussed in detail in my book. I maintained at the end of our conversation that I was indeed a hyperspace extraterrestrial alien that was superior to any that has ever been described by NASA or NASA SETI or SETI Institute or Carl Sagan or any modern scientist or otherwise. I also showed him the nine page letter in my book which I wrote to NASA SETI explaining that I was the entity they were looking for

Mr. Andrus informed me that John Donegan, a well respected retired banker in Seguin, Texas, was the treasurer for MUFON for many years in Seguin. I was a member at First Methodist in Seguin for a few years and met Mr. Donegan during those days. Mr. Donegan is still active in the community and was active in establishing the Seguin Senior Citizens' Center (Silver Center) and is on the local Library Board. I also did some architectural preliminary design work for the founders of the Seguin Senior Citizens' Center during their fund raising campaign.

It is rather interesting that one of the two founders of MUFON and the only self confessed HyperSpace ExtraTerrestrial Alienee I know still live in the same town in Texas as of 2014. But it really is just a coincidence. I hope Walter is still around.

I am sorry to update the status of Walter Andrus but I must since he was a big person in the area of UFO material. Walter passed away on September 16, 2015 at the age of 94. He was living in Cibolo, Texas just to the west of Seguin at the time: The photo of the newspaper article is from "The Seguin Daily News:"